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September 2018

During this 11-month internship, you will receive teaching from two different schools partnered with 2 different outreaches focused on the 1040 window. Through this internship, you will be able to complete a Discipleship Training School and a School of Supernatural Frontier Missions. Off of both of these schools, there will be outreaches directed to the specific 9 regions within the 1040 window. 

Discipleship Training School

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the foundation for all University of the Nations curriculum. The course consists of a 12 week lecture phase designed to build and solidify each students identity in Christ and is followed by a 8 week outreach to the 1040 window. More information about the DTS can be found here

School of Supernatural Frontier Missions

The School of Supernatural Frontier Missions (SFM) is a 12 week secondary school designed to equip students with the tools and resources to be effective as leaders in a missions environment and also provides insight and focus on doing ministry in the 1040 window. More information about the SFM can be found here.

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More Information

Cost:  $16,995 for Tuition and Outreach costs
Tuition includes: Food, housing and activities during the school.
You will need to provide for your own personal care items, laundry, extra activities, and personal snacks.


For children under the age of 17 years of age

  • Their living expenses will be $300 per trimester

All children between the ages of 0-3 are free of charge as long as they are staying in the same room as their parent/guardian.

We do have childcare available!

  • $2000 per trimester for 2 children
  • $4000 per trimester for 3 or more children
  • If hiring a nanny, housing and food will be provided for them for $900

*Child care will only be provided for during class times. The mother will then look after the kids from 3-5 for her community responsibility. The father will be working on base. 

During other community responsibilities (small groups, meetings etc.) childcare will also be provided.

In YWAM we have a strong culture of depending upon the Lord for provision. We are convinced that if God gives the call, He will provide the means for us to move. We encourage you to pray about how to partner with others in raising support, knowing that it is ultimately up to the Lord to provide the way for the mission He is calling you to!

Check out our blog series on the “why” and “how” of fundraising HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about support raising please feel free to contact us!

We value community living, and we seek to follow the New Testament church, as a family united in purpose and heart. We live, eat, explore, and do life together, on and off-base. Expect priceless friendships and memories from living life together.
We will provide pickup and transportation when you fly into Redding Municipal Airport. If you are traveling from outside the US and prefer to fly into San Francisco, please contact us about other potential transportation methods. Our school registrar will inform you of times to book your tickets.