We are so excited for you to join us!

This outreach is open to anyone! We’d love to have both YWAM teams and individuals join us. No previous YWAM or missions experience is required.
United Arab Gulf/Middle East
January 25 – February 7, 2020
Join us in ministering to unreached people from across the globe! This major Middle Eastern city presents a unique opportunity to reach out through worship, creative evangelism, bible distribution, and evangelistic events. *For security reasons, we cannot disclose the exact location online. Please call, email, or register and we can share the location with you personally!*
United Persian World
March 18 – April 1, 2020
Every year, thousands of Iranians travel to a nearby country to celebrate the Persian New Year. Our heart is to have teams from around the world come and flood the streets with worship and evangelism to see the Persian people impacted with the love of a Christ!
If you’re coming on your own, you will be put with a team made up of other individuals who have come for the same reason you have – to preach the Gospel and spread Jesus’ love throughout the city! Your outreach will be modeled as a DTS outreach, including team bonding times, prayer and worship, and ministry. Expect your team to become more than just your team; they will become like family as you seek God and make him known together! 
Cost: $2095 – You are responsible for your own flights, but we will organize all the on-the-ground logistics for you including airport pickup, food, housing, city transportation, etc!
YWAM Teams
We want to invite DTS, secondary, and staff teams to join us. We’re so excited about how the Lord moves when we all join together in knowing God and making him known! You’ll have the opportunity to do ministry with other teams from all over the world, while also having space for your own team to grow and process together. You will organize your team’s food and transportation; for housing, you will have the option to choose to book your own housing from our list of accomodations in the area or to let us book your housing for you.
Cost: Contact us for a suggested YWAM team budget. 

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