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         Logos & Pneuma

The School of Biblical Studies will help you bring the Word and the supernatural to the same platform. We believe that as you learn observational skills and how to interpret Scripture, you will grow in supernatural experience.

“And the Word [LOGOS] became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14)
“And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit [PNEUMA]…” (Luke 4:1)

This 36-week journey through the Bible is intended to infuse the mindset of Christ in each student through reading, discussion, and application. We will use the inductive study method to study each of the 66 books of the Bible, as we outline, chart, and analyze each verse, from Genesis to Revelation. We believe that the Word without the direction of the Holy Spirit cannot bear fruit and is incomplete in directing our paths. The Goal of the School of Biblical Studies, Redding is to train individuals in the Word of the Lord, and provide an environment in which they can experience the supernatural and grow in their Vision.

The Vision

God spoke to us through (Ezra 7:10), and this became our vision for the School of Biblical Studies. The three basic principles Ezra committed to have led us forward in the pioneering of this school. These three principles have also become our Mission Statement:

  • Be Rooted in Word and Truth: We will be anchored in the Word and truth of God only when we equip ourselves with the foundational truth of God. Ezra knew the importance of knowing the Word of God, and he set his heart to study it. In SBS, every participant will study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, laying a strong foundation for their lives based on the Word of God.

  • Grow in Intimacy with God: We will grow in intimacy with God only when we obey His Word. Ezra knew transformation can only happen when we become doers of God’s Word.
  • Pass on the Fire: It revolves around evangelism. Like Ezra, it’s our commitment to not only learn and do the Word of God, but also teach others.

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More Information

Cost: $7995 for entire school

$2,695 for one trimester (3 total) + an additional $60 resource fee

Tuition includes: Food, housing and activities during the school.
You will need to provide for your own personal care items, laundry, extra activities and personal snacks.


For children under the age of 17 years of age

  • Their living expenses will be $300 per trimester

All children between the ages of 0-3 are free of charge as long as they are staying in the same room as their parent/guardian.

We do have childcare available!

  • $2000 per trimester for 2 children
  • $4000 per trimester for 3 or more children
  • If hiring a nanny, housing and food will be provided for them for $900

*Child care will only be provided for during class times. The mother will then look after the kids from 3-5 for her community responsibility. The father will be working on base. 

During other community responsibilities (small groups, meetings etc.) childcare will also be provided.

In YWAM we have a strong culture of depending upon the Lord for provision. We are convinced that if God gives the call, He will provide the means for us to move. We encourage you to pray about how to partner with others in raising support, knowing that it is ultimately up to the Lord to provide the way for the mission He is calling you to!

Check out our blog series on the “why” and “how” of fundraising HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about support raising please feel free to contact us!

We value community living, and we seek to follow the New Testament church, as a family united in purpose and heart. We live, eat, explore, and do life together, on and off-base. Expect priceless friendships and memories from living life together.
We will provide pickup and transportation when you fly into Redding Municipal Airport. If you are traveling from outside the US and prefer to fly into San Francisco, please contact us about option. Our school registrar will inform you of times to book your tickets.

Must have completed a Discipleship Training School to enroll.
Haven’t done your DTS yet? Don’t worry, you can do that here too. Click for more info.

Course Number Date More Info
CHR 315 11 Sep 2017 Click Here!
CHR 316 22 Jan 2018 Click Here!