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Greater Redding Community

The city of Redding is one unlike any other. Surrounded by mountains, with miles of hiking and biking trails throughout, Redding is a paradise for outdoor lovers. Even more striking than the scenery, however, is the love for Jesus and passion for revival that burns in those who live here, spurred on by the unity of the local churches.

In Redding you will be surrounded by a family of believers that pursue The Holy Spirit and actively look for opportunities to release His love. It is not uncommon to receive prayer or a word of encouragement as you go about the city (in the grocery stores, walking through the park, at coffee shops, etc). Redding is truly a place of encounter with God and with family.


Whiskeytown Lake


Mount Shasta


Mount Lassen


Redwood Forests


Coffee & Dining


Local Churches

What our staff and students have to say…

“I love the freedom that Redding holds to be who I was created to be. When you step out of your comfort zone there are people alongside you striking against any fear. Being able to just let my soul breath and be at peace in confidence knowing that I am in a place of family is the greatest blessing.”

-Cassie (Former SFM Student) 

“The thing I love most about this city is it’s stunningly strong atmosphere of Faith and Freedom. It is so encouraging to be around radical believers who pursue God with their whole hearts. I am inspired daily, both by the people and the beauty of His creation around me, to go deeper in my understanding of, and relationship with, God. Redding is an amazing place to call home.” 

-Alyssa (Staff)

“It is an environment where encountering God is a normal, daily thing. Community is key in growth, and the community of believers in Redding is like none-other. The nature of fellow believers is so contagious, and you soon begin to see your character and nature reflect that of Jesus’ more and more.” 

-Christian (Former SFM Student)