He’s in the Waiting

Our lives are so stop and go sometimes. We feel like God is really doing things and really moving one moment and other times it feels so hard to find God, hear God, and even want to pursue God. But God is working in the waiting and in the inbetween time of those seasons. Have you ever sat in silence and just let it sink into every part of you? Sometimes the uncomfortable of the silence where God meets the innermost part of our being. But it takes sitting in the waiting. It takes sitting in the uncomfortable. So what do we do in the waiting? Where is God in the midst of it and what is He doing? 

We all have been in seasons of trial. But we know that God is working through us and developing perseverance. Likewise, we have thriving seasons when we are in victory. In those times, it’s easy to see God and love him. But we also have seasons of weird middle ground, the waiting. In the waiting, we feel that nothing is happening. But God is in the waiting. God is working through the waiting and He’s in the midst of it. Of course, the other seasons have benefits and a time and a place but waiting is not instant. And often the waiting doesn’t make sense even when we come out of it. But what does God want to do in the waiting?

What the Bible Says About the Waiting

The Bible says those who wait on him will find renewed strength, be given rest, goodness from God, God’s justice and blessing, grace, and mercy. (Isaiah 40:31,30:18; Lamentations 3:25). There are so many more verses of the promises of God for those who wait. He rewards waiting. Although it can be hard and uncomfortable, some of the most blessed people in the Bible had long seasons of waiting. Abraham was in the waiting for a son for twenty-five years. Joseph was in the waiting for the dreams for most of his lifetime. Moses was in the waiting for forty-years before he even began his calling. David was in the waiting for nearly fifteen years until becoming king.

Wait on the Lord

It is easy to accept God’s promises. But it gets hard to hold on to the promises, especially in the waiting. But God wants us to give up our ideas of His perfect timing and actually wait for what His timing is. To lean not on our own understanding, but to let go and let God.

If you are in the waiting, use it as an opportunity to trust in God. Let him mold and shape you at this time. Let what feels like silence seep into your heart and bring up things within you that would not normally come up in the stop and go of our busy lives. Pray for God to give you humility and trust in Him with a childlike faith that knows He is going to pull through. The seasons of our life will always change but let God shape you in the waiting. Trusting in God is standing firm in what he has promised you because you are sure that He loves you and has only good intentions. Choose to trust Him in the waiting. “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” (Psalm 27:14).






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