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What is DTS?

Discipleship Training School is a five to six month program that inspires students to have radical faith through a lecture and outreach phase.

This program seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It will give you the opportunity to discover your God given passions and what part you will play in God’s purposes. DTS is for whoever longs to follow Jesus and give Him everything they are. Through this students will discover and see Jesus, the world, others, and themselves with a new perspective.

Tuition-Free Lecture Phase

Lecture Phase is filled with many new discoveries about yourself, God, and His world. Through weekly teachings, students will learn about their identity in Christ, who God says they are, and who God says He is. Each week, a new eye opening topic will be taught that students can practice and explore in a safe and open community; learning to discern the supernatural and risk it all for Christ. This 11-12 week course is meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage. This phase also teaches teamwork and dedication through serving the community and those around you.

Outreach Phase

The Outreach Phase focuses on applying what you’ve learned during Lecture Phase through a cross cultural experience. Students will be given the opportunity to share all of their experiences and new perspectives by sharing God’s truths around the world and practicing bold evangelism. The mission is to take God’s love and His message around the world, bringing hope and new beginnings to many. Other focuses on Outreach include evangelizing, prayer, and worship.


A track is an additional focus within your Encounter DTS designed to connect you with people of similar passions and to inspire the call within.

It is entirely optional. Regardless of track choice all students will remain together for regular weekly lectures. Tracks meet once per week for special activities and teachings, and will take part in a “Track Week” planned by your track leader. If you decide to opt out of tracks you will have this night each week free and will have an alternative schedule of mission building during the Track Week.


More Information

January 15 – June 8January 6
April 8 – August 30April 7
July 1 – November 30June 30
September 30 – February 22September 29

Lecture Phase Room and Board: $2,695 with a $60 book fee (Tuition Free)

  • A $500 deposit will need to be paid prior to the start of your school. This down payment will be taken off the above lecture phase costs once it is paid.
  • The $40 application fee is not included in this price.
  • All cash and checks require a $3 processing fee.
  • All online payments require a 3.5% processing fee.

Tracks are optional and cost an additional $500 if chosen. See Track Focuses and the seasons in which they run above.

All of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners will be provided, as well as transportation to and from school related activities.

You are responsible for covering personal costs such as laundry, extra activities, and personal snacks. These are not included in the overall cost.

Outreach Phase Cost:

There are many possible nations where we may send an outreach, and locations are prayerfully chosen for each school. Since so much can vary depending on location, final outreach costs will be announced within the Lecture Phase. Typically price ranges from about $2,500-$3,750, so please prepare for this.

Outreach phase is 8 weeks long accompanied by a week long debrief. 


For children under the age of 17 years of age

  • Their living expenses will be $325 per quarter
  • If accompanying you on Outreach, their fees will be $1000

All children between the ages of 0-3 are free of charge as long as they are staying in the same room as their parent/guardian.

We recommend that you bring a nanny with you, that would be the easiest and the most effective way. If that is not an option, we do have childcare available at a higher cost. Please see us for specifics.

  • If hiring a nanny, housing and food will be provided for them for $900

*Child care will only be provided for during class times. The mother will then look after the kids from 3-5 for her community responsibility. The father will be working on base. 

During other community responsibilities (small groups, meetings etc.) childcare will also be provided.

Quench your thirst for adventure as you travel to up to 4 different nations and experience unique cultures while bringing the gospel and the love of Christ to the lost. The final portion of your Lecture Phase will be spent in the nations for an extended outreach experience.

The outreach will be $6,000:

$3,000 of this will be due in the second week of your DTS.

In YWAM we have a strong culture of depending upon the Lord for provision. We are convinced that if God gives the call, He will provide the means for us to move. We encourage you to pray about how to partner with others in raising support, knowing that it is ultimately up to the Lord to provide the way for the mission He is calling you to!

Check out our blog series on the “why” and “how” of fundraising HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about support raising please feel free to contact us!

We value community living,and we seek to follow the New Testament church, as a family united in heart and purpose. We live, eat, explore, and do life together, on and off-base. Expect lifelong friendships and memories from living life together.

Want to know more information about what living in YWAM Redding community is like? Click HERE to read our blog titled 6 Tips of Living in YWAM Community!

We will provide pickup and transportation when you fly into Redding Municipal Airport. If you are traveling from outside the US and prefer to fly into San Francisco, please contact us about other options. Our school registrar will inform you of times to book your tickets.