A Day in the Life of a Student in Lecture Phase

Have you ever wondered what the daily DTS schedule consists of? Want to get a feel for the typical day of a DTS student? Well we decided to give you the inside scoop! Read on as one of our DTS students outlines a day in lecture phase. 

6:30 am

Wake up, cup of tea, quiet time with Jesus. We make time for what we value! Because of this, our DTS schedule prioritizes time for us to seek God’s presence. I spent time asking Him what He wanted to speak to me and how I could focus more on Him. This morning, God asked me to give Him the stress I was caring about my future. “I will guide you.”

7:30 am

Time to get ready for the day! Today the weather was sunny and in the 50’s. I love California weather, even in the winter! 

8:00 am

Time for a quick walk to the base for breakfast. Some of the students prefer to drive, but walking only takes five minutes. For breakfast, we had an assortment of bagels, cereal, yogurt, and fruit. 

9:00 am

Three days a week our DTS schedule prioritizes time for corporate worship and intercession as a base. Today was one of those days. Sometimes we go to different places in the Redding community to pray. Today, we went to a pro-life pregnancy center to pray for the women who come in, as well as the staff. They were so encouraged by the prayer and support we gave! I was touched by the radical church community in Redding.

10:30 am

Time for class. This is a major part of our typical day. Every week, we learn about a new topic – Father Heart of God, Relationships, Character and Nature of God – but today we took time to be open and vulnerable with each other and had ministry time with the staff. It was such a powerful morning and I experienced so much breakthrough about my identity, and sharing about hurts in my childhood. It was really hard, but it was really good. Our whole DTS grew so much together!

12:00 pm

Lunch break. For lunch, we had soup and sandwiches with a salad bar. During the break, I went outside to enjoy the nice weather and throw a football with some of the staff and students.

1:00 pm

After lunch, I went back to class. During this session, our speaker talked about what it meant to steward the victory and breakthrough that we found in Jesus. It was awesome to walk away from the day confident in my authority in Christ!

2:30 pm

Our DTS schedule includes a daily 30 minute break after class. I took the opportunity to go up to our coffee shop to get a latte and talk with friends. Then I took a few minutes to process with the Lord about what He had done in class. I remember thanking him and telling Him I felt more free than I ever have.

3:00 pm

I went to my “community responsibility”, which is like my job in the community. I get to work in the media team, and help by taking photos and using my creativity to create social media content, like this blog! The other students have different jobs, like working in the coffee shop, assisting staff, and childcare. 

5:00 pm

Time for dinner! We had stir fry noodles with shrimp and veggies — one of my favorites!

6:30 pm

After dinner and some down time, I made my way to one of our houses for “community night”. Every week we have a night set aside for staff and students to get together and hang out, eat snacks, play games, and just have fun! This particular night we played games called “fish bowl” and “signs”. It was so nice to relax after such an intense day of healing with God.

8:30 pm

When I got home for the night, I grabbed a snack and spent some time reading one of our books for DTS. I journaled about the day and spent more time reflecting on what I had learned in class. Even though the day was long, I remember feeling so excited to praise the Lord at corporate worship time the next morning! Feeling grateful, I got ready for bed. 

11:00 pm

Lights out! 

Every day looks a bit different. Some days are busier than others. A typical day includes class, and some days make time for ministry to the Redding community. On the weekends we have the chance to explore the mountains of Northern California, or the local shops and cafes in town. Evenings always provide opportunities for deep talks with roommates, spontaneous worship times, or silly shenanigans with friends. There’s so much more we could say, but in order to get the full experience, I guess you’ll just have to come do a DTS yourself! 



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