A Day in the Life of a DTS Student on Outreach

Have you ever wondered what the daily DTS outreach schedule consists of? Last time, we showed you the typical DTS schedule of Lecture Phase (click here to read), and we are continuing with more “behind the scenes” info on what it is like to be a DTS student at YWAM Redding! Read on as one of our DTS students gives us the inside scoop into a typical day on DTS Outreach Phase. 

7:00 am

Quiet time. Each morning on outreach, we start our day with Jesus. It is so crucial to everyday life, but especially on outreach. It’s my time to breathe, reset, and really get God’s heart for the day. Quiet times are often the best part of the day and set up our day to be one that is focused solely on Him!

8:00 am

Breaking the fast. Before we head out to start our day, we enjoy each other’s company while eating our breakfast. This morning we had bread, butter, jam, cheese, olives, and don’t forget the wonderful instant coffee. We have to get fuel for our jam-packed day!

9:00 am

Next, we have worship and intercession, which is something that we prioritize into our DTS outreach schedule. On outreach, worship and intercession becomes more of a necessity than water. It creates corporate unity and gives us an opportunity to lay down our own baggage and fix our eyes on Jesus.

10:30 am

Work + coffee. Each person is assigned a “community responsibility”, which is our job throughout outreach phase. My job is to be in communication with our base in Redding by sending in testimonies and pictures. Today I went to a local coffee shop to use the wifi! 

11:30 am

We’re hungry again! Of course, lunch is a necessity. During lunch we go off to find new authentic cuisine. Oftentimes were all eating at different shops around the city, but we’re usually still eating the same thing. Döners are the most popular food here in Turkey. 

12:30 pm

Time for ministry! Each day we go out with tracks, bibles, henna, or our guitar and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is amazing to get to pray with people and here there life stories and to get the opportunity to share our own testimonies of how Jesus has changed our life. We know that He can do the same in theirs. 

Recently we met a mother and her daughter. We prayed for them and talked a little bit about Jesus and our faith, and the daughter told us that she thought it was interesting that she met us, because she used to go to a Christian school and said that she loved to go to Christian sermons. We got to share the Gospel and tell her that God wanted to have a relationship with her. She believed us and said that she was going to read about the Easter message in her Bible when she got home!

4:00 pm

Time to relax! After our time of evangelism we are normally really tired so it’s always good to get a nap in. We take a moment to breathe and process the day by ourselves. I have learned the importance of rest and taking care of yourself, especially on the mission field.

5:00 pm

Let’s feast! Team dinner time is where we debrief the day. We get to spend some quality time together which helps our bond grow much stronger. On special occasions we get to enjoy “menemen” with some fresh baked bread. 

6:00 pm

Time to explore. Most of us spend our free time in one of the many coffee shops in Istanbul. With time differences, our families are just getting up, so we enjoy some wonderful coffee with “nutella bombs” and FaceTime our families. Some of us have used this time to do Bible studies or even continue evangelizing. 

10:00 pm

Bed time! After a long day, we get ready for bed and get some rest. Then we’ll do it all again tomorrow!

Not every day is going to look like this. Our ministry opportunities vary, as well as the organizations we work with. Not to mention that every DTS outreach schedule is different! What we are doing in Istanbul might be totally different than a different outreach to a village in Africa. Every outreach experience is full of its own unique surprises! It might just be your time to experience DTS for yourself. 



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