What is a YWAM DTS?

Lecture Phase

The first 12 weeks of DTS are spent on base at YWAM Redding. Students live, study, worship, pray and serve together in our community. Each week they get teaching on a different topic. Each DTS has core topics that it is required to cover.  Some of the topics can include: Hearing God’s voice, The Character and Nature fo God, Worship and Intercession, Evangelism and Fear of The Lord. 

Outreach Phase

The Lecture Phase is followed by a 2 month journey into the nations where one continues to know God but the emphasis is on making him known. Each outreach gives students plenty of opportunites to apply the principals learned during the lecture phase. Our outreaches focus on the 1040 window. Each quarter we go to a different region. The regions include Asia, Africa, The Arab World and Mediterranean/ Central Asia. Specific outreach locations are announced at the end of the first week of the lecture phase.

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