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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YWAM?

Since our founding in 1960 by Loren Cunningham, Youth With a Mission has seen thousands involved worldwide in fulfilling Christ’s command to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). Youth With A Mission draws people from a wide variety of backgrounds to work in a vast spectrum of evangelistic activities. Young people, families, retired persons, recent high-school graduates, and PhDs are among some of the people that are involved in YWAM around the world. Each year 32,000 are involved in short-term work while over 18,000 work as permanent staff in over 1,000 operating locations, serving in every nation in the world.

How many students are in a DTS?

We usually get a range from between 10 to 35.

The schools frequently change in number depending on the quarter we’re in.

Do internationals need a visa?

We require all of our international students to obtain a B1/B2 visa. We do not issue any documents of any kind for international students to apply for anything outside of a B1/B2 visa. We would like to offer all international students a letter of recommendation. This will be a formal invitation to the United States of America for a 6 month B1/B2 visa. This is not a guarantee that you will be granted the visa (some countries’ citizens have a more difficult time obtaining US visas than others).

When do I have to apply for a school by?

There is no deadline for applying for one of our schools. We encourage students to start the application early, especially those that are international, to allow plenty of time for the visa application process.

Do you offer scholarships?

We currently offer scholarships to prospective DTS students who were born and currently living in a Muslim nation where 90% or more of the population is Muslim. Students who qualify for a scholarship will not be required to pay the standard school fees but will have a subsidized course fee.

What is your housing like?

Our housing is located in downtown Redding and is all within walking distance to our main base where all our offices/classes are. Our housing is dormitory-style with males and females living in separate housing. All single students are housed in rooms with twin-sized bunk beds. Families and married couples are given their own rooms.

How much does YWAM cost?

The cost is dependant on the training program you choose. 

Discipleship Training School (DTS) cost breakdown:

Lecture Phase is $3075 + $60 book fee.
Outreach Phase cost varies between $2500 – $4,995.
We also offer an Explorer’s outreach which costs between $5000-$6000. 

Secondary School (SIS, SOW, SFM, and SOIP) cost breakdown:

Lecture Phase is $2995 + $60 book fee.
Outreach Phase cost varies depending on the option you choose. 

2-week mandatory Stateside Outreach is about $500

Optional 2-month Overseas Outreach costs are between $2500-$4,995

Transformation Bible School cost breakdown:

Phase 1 is $1995 + $60 book fee
Phase 2 is $1995 + $100 ministry fee


Where do you go on outreach?

The outreach locations are announced at the end of the first week of the lecture phase. There are many possible nations where we may send an outreach, and locations are prayerfully chosen for each school. Some of the places that we have sent outreach teams to include: Turkey, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, France, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Dubai. We announce the outreach locations together during the first week of the school. That way each of you will be able to hear where you are going, begin to develop a heart for the nation(s) and have time to pray and grow together as a team. 

Is going on outreach mandatory?

In order to graduate from DTS or move forward in YWAM, you must complete the outreach phase. All secondary schools at YWAM Redding have a mandatory 2-week outreach. If you have concerns about being able to go on outreach, please communicate that with our registrars when or before you apply.

How do I pay for schools?

You can pay for your school fees through our website HERE or send us a check. International students can pay using a wire transfer or online through TransferWise.

Can I have a job and do a training school while at YWAM?

Everyone in YWAM is financially supported by family, friends, and churches – no one works outside of the ministry. As a student, you have a full-time schedule. Of course, there are free weekends and some evening times, but we want these training schools to be a time set apart for growth and refreshing for you. Adding an outside job into the mix would make that a lot harder.

How can I make a donation?

You can make a donation through our website HERE and have the option of making it a one-off or reoccurring or send us a check.

Can I bring a pet with me?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your pets with you due to our housing. If this is a problem for you, please contact our registrars when or before you apply at [email protected]

Is YWAM A Non-Profit Organization?

Yes, YWAM is an international, non-denominational, non-profit organization

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Community Worship

Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 – 10:15 AM. 

Friday at 10:30-11:00 AM, followed by local outreach at 
11:00 – 12:00 PM.

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Accomodation is limited and determined by the amount of students and staff we have, this varies each quarter. If you would like to stay with us, please email [email protected] to see if we have any housing available.

House Of Prayer

Tuesday – Friday at 11:00 – 12:00 PM and 1:00 – 5:00 PM
930 Hilltop Dr, Redding, CA 96003

We would love for you to come join us in our House of Prayer as we pray and intercede for the nations. We look forward to having you join us soon!

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