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“For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach his statutes and ordinances in Israel.”

We are excitedly working to pioneer a new bible course here at YWAM Redding. Our desire is that students would come to develop a burning passion and desire for the living Word; to know it’s power and experience the freedom it brings. Students will have opportunities throughout the school to put what they see in the Word into practice, and discover first hand its’ power to transform lives.

1. Be rooted in Word and Truth

We will be anchored in the Word and truth of God only when we equip ourselves with the foundational truth of God.

2. Grow in Intimacy with God

We will grow in intimacy with God only when we obey His Word. Ezra knew transformation can only happen when we become doers of God’s Word.

3. Pass on the Fire

Like Ezra, it’s our commitment to not only learn and do the Word of God, but also teach others.

Launching Fall 2019.

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More Information

Must have completed a Discipleship Training School to enroll.
Haven’t done your DTS yet? Don’t worry, you can do that here too. Click HERE for more info.


For parents bringing children under 17 years of age 

  • Their living expenses will be $325 per quarter. Children 0-3 will be free as long as they are staying in the same room as their parent/guardian.
  • If accompanying you on Outreach, their fees will be $1000. Children 0-3 will only be charged the cost of the flight(s) if the airline charges for their age.

For parents needing childcare during lecture phase

  • We recommend that you bring a personal nanny, this is the easiest and most effective option. Housing and food for an accompanying nanny will be $900 for the duration of the lecture phase
  • If that is not a possibility, we do have childcare available for $975 for the duration of lecture phase
  • If you choose to utilize our child care, we will provide a caring babysitter for class times, as well as during other required community activities (such as small groups, meetings etc.). We ask that mothers look after their children from 3-5pm daily for their community responsibility time while the father serves on base. 

In YWAM we have a strong culture of depending upon the Lord for provision. We are convinced that if God gives the call, He will provide the means for us to move. We encourage you to pray about how to partner with others in raising support, knowing that it is ultimately up to the Lord to provide the way for the mission He is calling you to!

Check out our blog series on the “why” and “how” of fundraising HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns about support raising please feel free to contact us!

We value community living,and we seek to follow the New Testament church, as a family united in heart and purpose. We live, eat, explore, and do life together, on and off-base. Expect lifelong friendships and memories from living life together.

Want to know more information about what living in YWAM Redding community is like? Click HERE to read our blog titled 6 Tips of Living in YWAM Community!

We will provide pickup and transportation when you fly into Redding Municipal Airport. If you are traveling from outside the US and prefer to fly into San Francisco, please contact us about other potential transportation methods. Our school registrar will inform you of times to book your tickets.